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Lunga Club Madrid



The Best Cannabis Club in Madrid

Explore the exhilarating world of Cannabis Social Club Madrid, a premium cannabis hub where weed enthusiasts can experience a top-class selection of weed. As the best cannabis clubs in Madrid, we offer the finest and safest ambience to indulge deeply. We have established a community where people from different areas come and share their thoughts and experiences. Without any worries, cannabis lovers can enjoy Madrid weed in a safe Cannabis Club Madrid. At Lunga Club Madrid, we allow and provide a perfect environment for all weed lovers to explore new things.

Weed Clubs Madrid just ignites the senses, and you feel relaxed. Our social club in Madrid allows you to indulge in perfection and build connections with people from different places. Whether you are a novice or a proficient, a cannabis social club near me presents an unforgettable journey for every weed lover. You can also find the best quality products at our cannabis shop near me and enjoy every puff with your mates in the club.

Club Cannabis Madrid invites you to experience the best weed in Spain. Our Madrid weed club is your one-stop shop for enjoying green things in a weeds near me. Join us in this unexplored journey where you dare to be different and blaze your trail. So, don’t wait and discover a world of legal weed consumption in the large setting of Cannabis Social Clubs.

How is The Atmosphere In a Cannabis Club?

Weed clubs nestled within Madrid have a penchant for crafting distinct environments, designed to offer members an immersive experience while indulging in natural smoking pleasures. A spectrum of cannabis clubs seeks to cultivate atmospheres spanning from gothic nuances, catering to discreet corner-dwellers, to the epitome of minimalistic elegance, boasting flawless architectural designs that warmly beckon social interaction.

The meticulous attention paid by most weed clubs to curate delightful visitor experiences undeniably contributes to an elevated atmosphere. The professionalism and warmth exuded by the adept staff mirror the renowned local hospitality. Similarly, club members radiate approachability and a natural extroversion, fostering prime opportunities to kindle fresh connections and etch enduring camaraderie among fellow aficionados.

Contrasting the frenetic vibes often found elsewhere, asociacion cannabica madrid uphold a regime of cleanliness and order. The aura remains serene, steering clear of chaos. For those visiting, a congenial attitude towards club members, coupled with appropriate conduct, can seamlessly amalgamate with the club’s upbeat aura. By adhering to this ethos, visitors effectively become contributors to the flourishing positivity that defines the club’s essence.

Our Location


in the Center of Madrid


If you want to elevate your mood, visit Club Cannabico Madrid, located in the centre of Madrid near the Plaza Puerto do Sol and the Quevedo metro. Here, you’ll find a variety of herbal pleasures to make your journey more fun. We are the ideal place to roll the green and refresh your senses.

How To Become A Member Of Cannabis Club in Madrid

The Ultimate Chilling Spot To Feel the Serene!

Referral or Invitation:

You can smoke weed in Madrid legally in the cannabis clubs with a referral or invitation from an existing member.

Reach Out The Club:

If you have a contact in the Madrid cannabis club, contact the club directly by meeting them or through their website. Ask them about the specific membership process and other requirements for joining as a club member.

Age Verification:

Every person who wants to be a member of the Madrid club, according to the club's policies, one should be at least 18 or 21 years old.

Compliance with Club Rules:

Read the club's rules and regulations before you agree to abide by them regarding the use of weed. Many clubs also charge a membership fee or contribution. Learn about the rules and other essential aspects before joining the Cannibis Club.

ID Card:

Carry your ID card with you when entering and show the card at reception, and they'll let you into the weed social clubs near me. Freely experience the vibes of the green world. Without ID, you may be unable to enter the club.



Is It Legal To Smoke Weed In Madrid?

Understanding the rules and regulations of acquiring weed in Spain is essential, especially for those who are visiting Madrid for cannabis use. Before consuming any type of cannabis, accustom yourself to all the city rules to avoid any risk.  There are rules that you must follow if you don’t want trouble. Sometimes, people carry cannabis with them outside the club, and it is completely illegal to use weeds in the streets of the city. You are breaking the law if you are doing so. If in case the police find you with cannabis outside the club, they will charge you an amount and will close the club. Also, ensure not to be so loud in the Madrid club as it can ruin the enjoyment of other people in the Madrid social club. They may also complain to the management about you, and you will be warned. If you repeat the offence, you may be prohibited from revisiting the club.

As per the regulatory authorities, weed smoking in public is prohibited, while consumption in private and in Madrid clubs is authorized. However, growing cannabis in private places is allowed but has a limit of a maximum of two cannabis plants per house. Planting more than 2 plants is illegal as per the laws. You can join weed clubs near me and visit sometimes to have fun and unwind from the daily hustle. A club in Madrid is the safest place to consume a variety of weeds, and it has the ideal environment with a perfect setting. You can play games here, listen to music, talk, laugh, and have fun with fellow club members.

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Come Join Us

Discover the magic of weeds in the club Cannabico in Madrid, where you get a vibrant and great staff, the best quality products, and ample space to chill and connect with other club members and share your exciting experience. Madrid’s cannabis clubs are exclusive and popular among weed enthusiasts from around the world. These clubs provide a secure environment for members to consume top-shelf cannabis without worrying about the legal status of weed in public. Our club in Madrid is the best place to use cannabis, and you can smoke as much as you want without worrying about the law.

Cannabis social clubs in Madrid are exclusive locations where cannabis lovers can enjoy their favourite weed in a safe, regulated setting. We are a non-profit organization providing space for people to enjoy locally grown weed and its products. If you’re interested in exploring the magic of weed in Madrid clubs, feel free to contact us to receive an invitation to visit a coffee shop in Madrid!


Who Can Join Cannabis Social Club In Madrid?

Not everyone can enter the cannabis social club in Madrid. According to the local laws in Madrid, only individuals at least 21 years old, and in some instances at least 18 years old, can become members of weed clubs. Clubs in Madrid are open to all tourists, as they welcome every weed lover from different countries, regardless of nationality. Therefore, all tourists must follow the specific rules and requirements that are required to join a cannabis club.

Some clubs are difficult to enter as they conduct interviews before granting club membership. It is crucial to adhere to the rules; failure to do so may result in fines. If you are interested in joining a Cannabis club in Madrid or a weed dispensary near me, remember to follow all the rules and regulations to ensure a smooth experience. If you are a novice in Spain, contact us to find out how to get approval and meet the requirements to become an eligible member of the cannabis club.

Frequently Asked Questions

A weed social club, also known as a cannabis social club or a cannabis club, is a private place where people above 21 can visit regardless of their nationality. It is a place where people come together to grow and consume cannabis in a safe and regulated environment. It also allows individuals to connect with different people and share experiences with each other. You can enjoy cannabis in Madrid club without worrying about the legal status of weed in public.

To become a member of the Weed Social Club in Madrid, you must follow its rules and regulations. To join the cannabis club, you may need a referral from an existing member or an invite. They may also take an interview of you to allow you to become a member of the club.

The benefit of joining a weed social club is you can have a relaxing and large setting to smoke weed peacefully. Also, you don’t have to buy weed. You can acquire the best quality from the social club in Madrid. You get to connect with many like-minded people in the club and share your experiences.

It is not totally legal nor illegal. The cannabis club in Madrid follows the strict rules of Spain’s decriminalized Cannabis use in private and not for sale or trade. The weed clubs in Madrid follow strict privacy and membership rules. Not everyone can join this club, which makes it a safe place to smoke weed legally.

Every cannabis club in Madrid has different rules and regulations, such as membership requirements and fees, privacy policies, and compliance with local cannabis regulations. Familiarize yourself with the laws of the cannabis club before visiting a Madrid club.

No, it is not legal to consume cannabis in public in Spain. You may get into a problem or may have to pay an amount if you get caught smoking weed in public. Consumption of weed should be confined to confidential spaces or private clubs to comply with the rule.